The Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 pageant has been marred by controversy as a disgruntled finalist speaks out against alleged irregularities in the competition. Despite acknowledging the incredible qualities of the top 12 contestants, the finalist raises concerns about the selection process, transparency, and fairness in the pageant. This article aims to shed light on the issues raised by the finalist, highlighting the need for accountability and improvement in the pageant industry.

Questionable Selection Process:
One of the major concerns raised by the finalist is the selection process. Surprisingly, the finalist herself did not audition but still managed to secure a place in the top 25. This raises questions about the criteria used for selection and the fairness of the process. The finalist acknowledges her initial hesitation to participate due to insecurities but decided to give it her all, only to be left wondering about the legitimacy of her inclusion.

Dual Participation:
Another issue highlighted by the finalist is the participation of a fellow contestant, Audrey, who had previously competed as a finalist in Miss Universe Great Britain. The finalist, who witnessed Audrey’s participation firsthand, questions the permissibility of competing in two pageants within the same year. The finalist also notes that Audrey’s Instagram account was deactivated until recently, raising suspicions about transparency and whether the organizers were aware of her dual participation.

Inconsistent Video Submissions:
During the zoom meeting, the finalist claims that there were inconsistencies in the video submissions of some contestants. Different hairstyles, makeup, and even clothing were observed, suggesting that what was presented during the interviews did not match the final videos. The finalist also expresses disappointment in the editing process, as her video, along with another contestant’s, was purposefully cut short. This unequal treatment raises concerns about fairness and the lack of a level playing field for all contestants.

Voting Controversy:
Initially, the top 12 contestants were supposed to be selected through public voting. However, the finalist alleges that the voting system was changed because the organizers’ favorites were not receiving enough votes. The public voting link was removed, and only boosted votes through credit/debit cards were allowed. This decision effectively excluded many people, especially those without access to such payment methods. The finalist criticizes this move, stating that it undermines the credibility and inclusivity of the pageant.

Call for Improvement:
In conclusion, the disgruntled finalist expresses her disappointment with the Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 pageant and calls for improvements in the selection process, transparency, and fairness. She urges the organizers to reconsider their approach for future competitions, suggesting that a more transparent and inclusive system would prevent the crushing of dreams and protect the reputation of pageants in Zimbabwe. The concerns raised by the finalist serve as a reminder that accountability and integrity should be at the forefront of any pageant organization.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the disgruntled finalist and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Miss Universe Zimbabwe pageant organizers or other contestants.

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