He is a master of his craft, dynamic and epitome of greatness who has made a visible mark in the modelling through his extraordinary talent. Surely, success has nothing to do with age.

Amile Senamile Situ is a 11 year old handsome boy who is doing Grade 6 at Redfern Primary School and he dwells in Durban, Inanda. Amile is a dancer, singer, soccer player and a well established Christian who is determined to transform the world by Godly principles.

He is proving that modelling is not only for girls but it is an open platform for everyone because males are human beings as well. It is very essential for boys to have advocates who can protect them from drug and alcohol abuse, on their mental wellness, violent bullies and all forms of abuse. Professional models are trained to handle such kind of matters in an amicable way.

His biggest challenge so far has been getting sponsorship when it comes to pageants but he always find a way around it. Simply because he is passionate about his career.

Our superstar model has managed to attain several titles in his modelling career. He is a reigning as Mr Steady KZN 1st Prince 2021, Mr Self Suffiecient King 2022, Mr Earth Child King 2022, Master of Extra Uniqueness KZN 2022 and
Reigning King of Junior Mr Inanda 2023.

His parting words were,” your attitude determines your latitude.”

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Kudakwashe T Muganu

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