She is as courageous as she is resilient, as beautiful as she is bold, as enchanting as she is charismatic. Esihle is definitely a phenomenal game changer.

Esihle Ntuli is a 10 year old girl who is doing grade 5 at Intakemazolo Combined Primary School. She hails all the way from Hammarsdale, in the city of Durban. She is a multi – talented gem who is a motivational speaker, group leader at school and actor as well. Her favourite subject at school is mathematics because she is good in playing with numbers. Esihle desires to be a doctor when she grows up because she loves to save the lives of many people in different ways.

” I would like to thank my mother for believing me. She never doubted me when l told her that l wanted to be a model. She is always there for me and giving me full support through thin and thick. By the grace of God, l have obtained 33 titles in my modelling career, “she narrated softly to us as we dive deep into our interview.

Words of wisdom
You can be a juicy ripe peach and there will be still be someone who does not like peaches. Do not be afraid to be you because you are unique in your own way.

Written by
Kudakwashe T Muganu

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