In 1961, United States president, John F Kennedy boldly and audacious declared that,” the United States would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.” Amazingly, it came to pass. What was the secret of the history maker, Kennedy? He was a man of action. Today, l am going to show you on how you can turn your dreams into reality. The list goes as follows :

1) Be a financial prudent

What difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people are investors unlike unsuccessful people are big spenders.

One of the hip hop legendary artists, Jay Z once said, ” if you cannot buy it twice you cannot afford it.” He was simply revealing the importance of understanding the principles of money. Here is the practical example; if you buy today something on credit – you are going to pay a lot more tomorrow because of high charges of interest. Wise investors, they simply invest today and buy a lot tomorrow.

2) Take risk

It is not always easy to let go the old ways of living and start a new journey of life. Without any element of doubt, life favors a risk taker, an individual who is not afraid to fail or to be misunderstood by others.

Comfort zone is not a perfect place for growth. Let’s me seriously warn you, it is even riskier to remain the same by operating on the same level. Try something new, think outside of the box and you will be shocked how things will come together.

3) Time management

Time is like a flowing river. Once the water passes by, it is gone. You will never see it again. I urge you to use your precious time wisely because you cannot recover from the lost time.

Also, do not let other people steal your time because it is one of the expensive commodities on this earth. Get this wisdom; you can get more money but you cannot get more time.

Have you ever asked yourself this question, why people would prefer to pay someone thousands and thousands of dollars instead of you? It seems like life is unfair. Here is the caught, they are not just paying a man a lot of money because they like him or her. They are buying time which was invested by a gifted man to reach that excellent level. In simple words, time is money.

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Kudakwashe T Muganu

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