She is by all means an ideal queen: kind, selfless and hardworking person.

Inothando mphithi is one of the dynamic young ladies who has defied the odds and proven that everything is possible and goals are achievable, if you put your heart and all of your strength towards your craftwork. She is reigning as Junior Miss Teen South Africa and Junior Miss Teen Universe South Africa.

Her modelling career embarked in the year of 2021, she was trained to be a professional model by CnC Modelling Academy in Alberton. This is where she started the journey of campaigning and raise awareness on social issues that are happening in South Africa and to inspire young women to be better versions of themselves.

Furthermore, she is a founder of Liberal Hearts Foundation which mainly focuses on helping local people who resides in the city of Alberton with food parcels and clothes for those who are in need. She is also working with organisation such as CPF and SAPS to raise awareness against Gender-based violence and to minimise crimes in the community.

As a model, what do you think is the best way to reduce drug and alcohol abuse?

By creating many jobs in the country and encouraging youngsters to start their own businesses. A large number of youths are engaging into drug and alcohol abuse because they have nothing to do in their lives.

Words of wisdom

Only you have the power to create a good life for yourself. I have witnessed and understood the greatness in believing in yourself. Whatever decision you decide to make will determine your future. Knowing exactly who you are is a weapon you can use to fight battles that seem too challenging yet could be overcome by your actions. Know yourself much better than what people says about you.

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Kudakwashe T Muganu

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