With the economy crisis that the country has been facing. It has also affected the country’s arts industry and the modelling industry wasn’t left aside. With some fashion shows not taking part,some models gave up on their careers and ventured into new ones. However this didn’t stop some models to work hard as they faced the harsh conditions that the industry is facing. Some of the most hard working male models this year include(NB: THE MODELS ARE NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER) _

1: Calvin Madula_

Award winning actor,runway and commercial model prominently known as the White Guy from Binga aka Calvin Madula. Is one of the most trended models this year,as he appeared in a number of commercial adverts and has also been a guest in several fashion shows/seminars. Yes,he didn’t appeared in fashion runway ramps this year. But mainly one can testify,that he did appeared on our television screens.His currently the Best Male Actor in Bulawayo as he won the Best Bulawayo Male Model Award during BAAzw 19.Calvin Madula is also expected to take part at the Lesotho King Moshoeshoe Film Festival,he will take part in film seminars and will also take part in the runway alongside with acting,fashion and modelling legends.

2:Ray Motsi Raymond Zviko Motsi,ranked the most sexiest male model in the country by one local online media. He has caused waves especially in the commercial modelling industry. You can’t tell that he was once,one of the underdogs in the modelling industry,as he won upcoming model award in 2017 during the Zimbabwe Models awards. Since that day he has been working out,not only in the gym but also in his life to improve his modelling career. His trend can be witnessed in the adverts of several commercial companies such as Edgars,Jet,Old Mutual,Jan Jam and not forgetting his instagram account which has increased followers because of his sexy pictures. Ray Motsi has also appeared in the film industry which was directed by Marc Mandisoul.

3: _Ben Chest_ . The public in the fashion industry refer to him,as the man of the moment. His popularity increased this year during,the BAAzw Awards,when he was contesting for the BAAzw’s,Male Model Award. Which surprisingly he won against,the two time BAAzw award winning model former Mr Zimbabwe,Shadel Noble. That wasn’t the end of Ben Chest making history,he further became the first male model in Zimbabwe to feature in the award winning international artist, JP’s video as the leading role actor. Something that almost all models are dreaming of. Ndlovu has also appeared in a number of fashion show seminars as the guest,these include:Umceco The Show,Bulawayo Models Association Seminar and has appeared in a number of commercial adverts. Not forgetting the exclusive Edgars magazine.

4: __Jimmy Mhlanga_ Award winning model from the city of Kings and Queens. Probably that’s the reason why many,believe he deserves to be in the Royal Modelling Family as the King of Photogenic modelling. This year Jimmy Mhlanga’s photogenic pictures stole the hearts of many ladies.This year he didn’t appeared in the runway as his focus was on the photogenic modelling. And also he did some commercial modelling . Part of his trend happened this month, when he appeared in a photo with Plaxedis Wenyika. Leaving people withmany questions if they are in a romantic relationship or they are working together on Plaxedis’ upcoming video. Time will tell.

5:King NobleHe has beenin the throne for years now,since he began his modelling career. His fans reffered to him as king Noble aka the King of the ramp . Not knowing that it was indeed a prediction that,he will one day be ordained as MR Zimbabwe 2017. Shadel Noble who is the former Mr Zimbabwe, was suppose to attend the Mpumalanga Fashion and Design Week in South Africa this year as a tradition,as he is the brand ambassador of the show organiser AMMFI. Due to some personal conditions Shadel didn’t manage to catwalk at the MFDW ramp. In his absences he was voted the Best Model of the Mpumalanga Fashion and Design Week 2019. Back home he was nominated during the BAAzw19,Best Male Model of the year a gong which he has been winning for 2 years,since the launch of the awards. However this time,he lost his streak to Ben Chest. Shadel Noble was invited this year at the Zambia Men’s Fashion Week,to take part as a model among other international and regional models. King Noble has appeared in a number of commercial adverts back home for brands such as Edgars Zimbabwe and the Point Boutique.He is expected to take part at a later summer fashion show event,the Summer Fashion Drive in December. While already in his calendar,his booked for a show in the Kingdom of Lesotho next year. Shadel also this year trended with his summer/spring fashion wear looks.

6:Byron Mulinga. Current reigning Mr Zimbabwe,who was ordained after getting many votes during the People Choice Award,at the Zimbabwe Models Awards last year. Since he won the title, his popularity increased. Byron has appeared in a number of adverts for several commercial companies. Even though he hasn’t taken part in any international pageant,Byron Mulinga has travelled across the world taking pictures which have trended on social media. Mr Zimbabwe is also a gospel musician . A man of many talents.

7:Adonis Ncube Adonis participated in his first ever international fashion runway show this year. When he wore,the brand of an American designer Clavon Leonard in April. During the Mpumalanga Fashion and Design Week. An event which was organised by AMMFI ,a South African brand ,which Adonis is Mr AMMFI Zimbabwe .During the event he also wore designs of other international designers.Adonis has worked with a number of companies this year,House of Gentleman,Edgars,Jet etc as a model for their commercial shoots. This year he was granted an opportunity to become one of the judges during MissTourism Matabeleland South .Which was hosted in Beit Bridge his home town. The list is endless. As they are many male models who have worked hard this year. By Rubaya Tapiwa

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