By Rubaya Tapiwa

You are not Alone. Together we will conquer.Praying For our Zimbabwe,” This was the message which was sent to Zimbabwe by 12 male models. Who were joined by their female counterparts. The 12 male models who had came together and provided the message to the world,where from different agencies, modeling categories and also provinces. They had to use internet to come together. As the country was underlockdown. These models included: From Top Left : Lancelot Ndhlovu,former Mister Zimbabwe Byron Mulinga,(award winning model)Tapiwanashe Mutsimba,Takudzwa G Machingura. Kudakwashe Mutaku,Taropafadzwanashe Mudzingwa ,(Mister Zim People’s Choice winner)Tatenda Njanike ,Gabriel Farai Chiduku Martin Teejay Uladi,Aurthur Mugaviri Panashe Micheal Murandu and lastly Mr Zimbabwe Devson T Luzane. The brain child of this creativity,Tatenda Njanike said,they had to come together and send a strong message to the public which had hope via internet due to the lockdown. Highlighting to the nation that they are also in prayers for those who are affected by the pandemic. In addition that its only prayers,that can lead people out of trials. “In light of the global pandemic it’s become unsafe to engage each other as we did before. We are confined to our homes and can’t move much. The only thing right now that can reach where we can’t be physically are our words through internet platforms. ” Our message will remind people that we share common struggles, and common goals despite being apart. We are reminding our online communities that it is our collective prayers that will lead us out of our trials into the promises of God,”he said. When asked how he managed to select models who should appear in this message he said, “I thought of models whose work ethic I admire, models who care about impacting people in a positive way. Connecting with them was a matter of reaching out and it didn’t take us time to act,”he said .

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