The king of runway,Shadel Noble was declared the 1st runner up during Mister Globe pageant which was held last month virtual .
Shadel Noble who is a former Mister Zimbabwe informed,Model Guide Journalist ,that the title he won it due to his hard work and the support that he received from his fans,friends and family.
“My friends and family have been telling me that I am destined for the title,”he said.
Mister Globe 2021 runner up,Shadel said he was up and busy as the event was held online.
However it was challenging to get everything ready.
As sometimes he had sleepless nights,however it paid off.
“Getting the videos ready,was a bit challenging , trying to get the team together everything on time and also selecting sites,”stated Noble .
Noble became the first Zimbabwean to take part in the event and also to win a titles during the event,Mister Globe Runner up and Mister Globe Africa.
Mr Noble informed that by taking part at the event,it has placed the country in the top class when it comes to the modelling sector.
A fashion and a modeling critic,described Noble as a legend in the model industry and who deserves to be awarded for his work .
“Noble has made the country proud,through his professionalism which is of high standard.I believe this year he deserves a BAAZw Roil Award and Zimbabwe Models Awards.As his work speaks for himself,”he commented.

By Rubaya Tapiwa

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