In a world where beauty pageants often focus solely on physical appearance, Niki Mastros Breitigan-Lannigan stands out as a remarkable individual who has overcome adversity and is using her platform to make a positive impact. As the title holder of Elite Ms Mid-Atlantic Petite 2023, she not only represents New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania for Petite USA but also serves as an inspiration to cancer survivors everywhere. In this interview with Lewis from Model Guide, Niki shares her journey, her message to other models, and her advice for cancer survivors.

Niki Mastros Breitigan-Lannigan’s journey has been marked by strength and resilience. As a breast cancer survivor, she faced the daunting challenges of her diagnosis head-on. In 2019, when she received the life-altering news, Niki decided to channel her energy into creating a charity called Nancy Lee’s Beanies & Bows, named after her mother. This initiative aims to support cancer warriors by providing complimentary oncology skin treatments, offering a ray of hope during their challenging journey.

When asked about her message to other models, Niki’s response was both powerful and inspiring. She emphasized the importance of living life to the fullest with no regrets. Niki believes that everyone, regardless of their profession, should give back and help others. She encourages models to be a bright light and an inspiration in their faith, life, and actions. Her message serves as a reminder that true beauty lies not only in physical appearance but also in the impact one has on others.

Niki’s battle with breast cancer has given her a unique perspective on the importance of advocating for oneself. She believes that cancer survivors should take charge of their health and be proactive in their treatment decisions. Niki shared a personal experience where she had to assert herself when her surgeon recommended a lumpectomy. Trusting her intuition, she opted for a double mastectomy, a decision that ultimately led to the discovery of three additional spots of cancer that were previously undetected. Her story serves as a powerful reminder for cancer survivors to listen to their gut instincts and find doctors who genuinely listen to their needs and concerns.

Throughout her cancer journey, Niki’s positive attitude and faith in a higher power have been instrumental in helping her navigate the challenges she faced. Despite the physical toll of her treatments, Niki firmly believes that the mind has the power to influence the body’s healing process. She maintains that a positive mindset, coupled with faith, can empower individuals to overcome obstacles and fight against cancer cells. Niki’s unwavering belief in the ultimate healing power of God serves as a source of inspiration for all those facing similar battles.

Niki Mastros Breitigan-Lannigan’s story is one of triumph, resilience, and compassion. As the title holder of Elite Ms Mid-Atlantic Petite 2023, she uses her platform to inspire others, advocate for cancer survivors, and make a positive impact through her charity work. Niki’s message to other models encourages them to be a beacon of light in every aspect of their lives. Her advice to cancer survivors emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy, listening to one’s intuition, and maintaining a positive attitude. Niki’s journey serves as a reminder that true beauty goes beyond physical appearance and lies in the strength and compassion one exhibits in the face of adversity.

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