Meet Romane Alvies – the 22-year-old model, dancer, and dance teacher hailing from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. She exudes positivity, and her bubbly personality is hard to ignore. As an environmentalist, she has been advocating for eco-tourism, creating a new generation of influencers, bloggers, and activists who will promote the sustainable fashion industry while appreciating nature and traditional cultures.

Being a model and pageant title holder is not without its challenges. Critics and the fear of negatively impacting her brand are just some of the hindrances Romane has experienced. But she believes that modeling is a real and very hard job that requires dedication and perseverance. Her advice to upcoming models is to take the job seriously, keep updating themselves, and not look for shortcuts.

Beyond modeling, Romane is a professional hip hop and modern dancer who also teaches dance. She gets injured easily, and the funniest and most painful one was dislocating her knee on stage while everyone else was performing. Although her manager always screams at her for being careless, Romane is starting to be more careful.

Fame is both a love-hate relationship for Romane. She loves changing people’s mindsets and advocating for society, but she hates being judged for being herself. Nevertheless, she has received the best compliment of having what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur as a beauty queen. When faced with negative comments on social media, Romane knows how to handle them. She ignores and laughs them off, and she reminds herself that no one should judge based solely on appearances.

In summary, Romane Alvies is not just a model – she is a dancer, teacher, advocate, and entrepreneur who believes in the value of hard work and positivity. With her infectious personality and boundless energy, it’s only a matter of time before she achieves her dreams and inspires others to do the same.

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