Exciting news, beautiful people! Bouitumelo Jian, a passionate advocate for community service since a young age, is thrilled and honored to announce her selection as a quarter finalist in the Miss World – South Africa pageant. This remarkable opportunity has filled her heart with gratitude, and she acknowledges her parents for their unwavering support in allowing her to explore the world and develop her own identity. With conviction, she has chosen this platform as the perfect representation of her personality and values.

Entering the Miss World – South Africa pageant holds deep significance for Tumi, and she believes it aligns perfectly with her core principles. While there are multiple reasons behind her decision to participate, she eagerly invites everyone to vote and support her, as it will significantly enhance her chances of progressing as a semi-finalist.

Tumi is anxiously looking forward to sharing her Beauty with a Purpose, a cause that resonates deeply with her

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