Mister and Miss Glamour Zimbabwe

Is a national beauty pageant soon to be registered as an international pageant and its under Parkstreet Entertainment Pvt Ltd Company that celebrates men and women of different cultures and backgrounds. Empowering them on realising and achieving their dreams.

Their Mission as Mister and Miss Glamour Zimbabwe is
to empower young men and women in the modeling industry with leadership skills and community engagement that has positive impact in the country and the world at large.

Their vision of Mister and Miss Glamour Zimbabwe is driven by the potential and the capacity of empowering young men and women of Zimbabwe in the modeling industry. Creating leaders who are ambitious, savvy, ready to take responsibilities and change the world around them.

This year we are hosted live our second edition of the pageant in such a different way that engages a lot of people who supports the industry and also motivating those with the passion but don’t have a platform to excute dreams. We also want to change the narrative within the modeling sector which is negative also depriving those with the potentials of bieng idols and icons that are not only recognized nationally but at an international level.

In this beauty pageant the title winners are not only getting prizes and gifts but they will also be involved in charity and awareness campaigns. They will also represent the nation at an upcoming international competition entitled Miss and Mister Model Mediterraneo Global Zimbabwe.

What makes it different from other pageants
Our uniqueness lies within our Inspiration that denotes stratospheric status, style and opulence. It also conjures up glitz and glamour as the pageant itself it entitled Miss and Mister Glamour Zimbabwe. We don’t look on beauty, social butterflies, etc on the competition but we look for passion, talent and leadership within our contestants and as well the winners.

In America there is a curtain fundom such as Miss Universe, Oscars, Met Galas, Grammies. In Africa there is a absence of this prestigious events. With Mister and Miss Glamour we are trying to promote the black execelence through it.

Okay now on the Miss /Mr Glamour Zimbabwe 2021 ,

When was the event
The event was held on the 21st of December 2021

Who were the winners
Mister Glamour Zimbabwe
Emmanuel Marira

1st runner up
Takudzwa Hove

2nd runner up
Tatenda Ngandu

Miss Glamour Zimbabwe
Roseline Musekiwa

1st runner up
Concilia Missi

2nd runner up
Tariro Shumba

Message from the Queen ( Roseline Musekiwa)
I am overwhelmed and happy because it is a stepping stone for me as it has given me the platform to serve the community and be the voice of the voiceless. it come with pressure and all that but I am ready to use my voice to create a positive change amongst my peers.

The first step is using my voice and writing talent to raise awareness against depression which is the most crucial problem amongst youths and many more projects to follow as I prepare for my trip to Spain in November for Miss Model Mediterraneo Global 2022 where I will be representing my beautiful Country.

No model is better than the other we are a team and family with one goal which is to create a positive change in the country. Let us work together and use the modeling platform for the right reason. Together we can do it and we will rise.

Message from the First Runner up ( Concilia Missi)

i became the first runner up of Miss Glamour Zimbabwe 2021
I feel exceptionally gratefull and happy about winning this pageant because i feel it will open the doors to 2022 resolutuons regarding the modeling industry in Zimbabwe

Now that ive added another national title to my list, my next step is to take advantage of this tittle and use this platform in continuing with my charity journey. I have been working a lot with the dissabled kids at jairos jiri daycare, therefore my next step is empowering not only the dissabled girl child but both genders because i totally believe that those kids also deserves to be loved and treated like the rest of us. Thus using my crown to empower and raise awareness to these kids.
My message to other models is chances are not given, you gotta take chances. No matter how hard or difficult it gets, discipline, consistency and prayer will guide you through everything…..

Message from the Second runner up ( Tariro Shumba)
This is my 4th title now since l ventured into the modelling industry
Since l have won , l am not stopping here .I am going to keep contestanting in other pageants till l attain an international title .
I also feel l have a responsibility to help the needy and disabled as well as empowering the girl child . And making the world know nothing is impossible under the sun .
Message to the other models
Train hard
Less drama
Don’t be too proud of yourself, pride will get you nowhere in modelling
Always look on point
Smell good
And lastly believe in yourself

Message from the King ( Emmanuel Marira )
Winning the pageant was a dream come true. It wasn’t easy considering for the same title but l got to learn a lot of things from them

This title has given me an opportunity to become a voice to the voiceless Not only nationally but internationally as l prepare myself for an international Pageant. This will be a great opportunity to represent my country and to show the world that Zimbabwe is filled with talented people

My message to other models is that they should always be themselves because the fact that we are all different means that we are important in our own way. “Time waits for no man” so whenever you find an opportunity to do good, don’t waste it

Message from Male 1st runner up (Takudzwa Hove
Being one of the top 3 in this pageant was something that was such an outstanding and honouring moment in my life as I literally began modelling as a professional in the beginning of 2021. So for me to do so well in my very first pageant was such a great feeling of accomplishment as I really came out of my comfort zone to begin this new path in my life.

After the pageant I got selected to represent an International pageant in Spain later in the year. Another very intimidating but exciting opportunity I can use to take myself to the next level in what has been a very short career. I also want to use this title as Mr. Zimbabwe of the Global Mediterraneo Pageant as a light on what I believe a true Zimbabwean is and also on some of the issues the country is currently facing such as Gender Based Violence as well as the lack of opportunities for the youth that we are currently facing not only due to barriers that have been made by those in power but also due to the youth also not having initiative to create them too.

As someone who’s day job is flipping burgers and making chips, my message wouldn’t necessarily go out to people who are and have been modelling. I’d want my message to go to those that are thinking of getting into the industry despite their career paths being something else. If a professional footballer like Hector Bellerin can train from Monday to Friday, play a 90min game on Saturday and be on the runway at the Paris Fashion week, then what is your excuse? Don’t pay attention to other peoples opinions, don’t pay attention to your insecurities, just try it out and see how it goes. It’s honestly made me more confident as a person and also at work so give it a go