Matabeleland North which is well known for its tourism richness however viewed as an island to many in the modeling due to the blind eye given by many fashion organisers and pageant owners. It’s no longer the case anymore.When one talks about Matabeleland North Province in the industry what comes into the topics is former Miss Tourism Morgan ,Miss Malaika the event, Brittney Yvette and the list ends . However on the 18th of December 2021 a new page and a new story was written during Mister Zimbabwe competition about the Border town of Zimbabwe , Victoria Falls. As Future Nyoni was crowned the first-ever Mister Zimbabwe Senior.The event was held in Harare at Solomon’s Cafe,Willovale Rd.With many models and Kings and Queen from different pageant had gathered to witness the Royal coronation of the Kings as they had battled for the Mister Zimbabwe title. Nyoni has previously won:Best photogenic and Runway model during the Zimbabwe Models Awards which were held on 2020.He is also a member of Beauty Galaxy organisation and an employee under the Register General’s Office.His win it’s believed will bring a bigger modeling picture about the country’s capital Tourism sector to the world. Other winners are :Mister Zimbabwe Culture King-Mathious Moyo;Mister Zimbabwe Talented-George Jima;Mister Zimbabwe Fitness-Saymore Machoni;Brand Ambassador Prince:Ray Bamala;Brand Ambassadors-Dhenhere Trenchard &Panashe Murandu ;1st Prince -Nathan Mukasa; People’s Choice -Towanda Majachani and Mister Zimbabwe Nkosinathi Ncube.

Rubaya Tapiwa