Do you think that all successful entrepreneurs are gifted?

Entrepreneurship is a mysterious creature to explain but it’s impact is always easily recognized. Everybody wants to be a successful entrepreneur, making a huge handsome of money and positively impacting the world. What suprise most is that very few people will attempt to take this path. Simply because it is not an easy to journey to walk regardless how gifted you are. We have young people who can show amazing potential early on but then fade because the work you need to put in is grueling. It requires commitment, endurance and hard work. This article is not for someone else, l am talking to you. My hope is to save you from stress, frustration or disappointments by articulating 4 practical tips which goes as follow :

1) Forget about comfort

The main reason of starting a business is to solve problems. Challenges is part and parcel of business. The plain truth is that nothing good comes out of comfort zone. Challenges leads to change and innovation. In fact, comfort is the enemy of success.

2) Build a great team

An individual person cannot do everything alone. This is the major reason why myraid of companies hire highly skilled people so that they can use their skills and intelligence to turn the dreams into reality.Quality people delivers quality products. People are not greatest asset of a business but they cannot be easily replaced. These are the only creatures who can deliver exactly what they promised their customers.

3) Wise decisions makes everything possible

Generally, direction is more important than speed. Direction determines the success of the company based on the decisions which are been made on a daily basis. It requires great team who have got sound mind to make wise decisions on a daily operating of the business.

4) Don’t compete, strengthen your own position

What is more important in the entepreneurship is focus. There is a huge difference between to have an ability to focus and to know what to focus. Not everything is good for the business and not everything is good for the owner of the business and the workers as well. Wise leaders put much their effort and time on things that matters most. The rest is valueless.

Written by

Kudakwashe T Muganu