Do not act on your emotions

Success has no age. It is passion, a vision and desire to accomplish the mission. Swazi Simelane is a 17 year old Zulu speaking girl who was born and bred in Durban (KZN). She is grade 11 at Durban High School. We caught up with her at The Palazzo Montecasino, a five-star hotel in Fourways, north of Johannesburg to find out more about her. Swazi is young, vibrant and kind at heart.

It requires courage and boldness to make decisions in life. “Listening to your heart can be scariest thing in the world but my instincts have led me on some incredible adventure,” she says. Often, people live according to what is expected of them or what they feel it is they deserve. Let your vision detects how you live your life not to be controlled by emotions because feelings come and go but the vision can be passed from one generation to another without losing it’s original idea.

Being a model is really, really tough. Basically, building something unique that can be appreciated by everyone, it is not easy. On the same time, trying to nurture relationships with friends, family and colleagues, takes it’s toll both physically and emotionally. When body and spirit are not aligned, it affects your output performance especially in the modelling industry. I have learned there is no shortcut to caring for your physical body, heart and mind. It is important to make quality time to love yourself by doing things that you love most. For example, you can use your spare time to go to gym, to read secular books or to swim.

The last words of Swazi: there will be difficult times and challenges to face on a daily basis but these will help you to grow and progess, so do not give up. Trust in God and persevere.

Written by

Kudakwashe T Muganu