We met up with one of the finest commercial models in Zimbabwe, Munashe Thandiwe Chigombe aged 21 and residing in Harare. Pushed by the rise of Pluzsize modeling Munashe started her modeling “It’s something that I’ve always thought about you know ..growing up I’d always see the slender girls get the spotlight for modeling and not us plus size women. So once our type started being recognized in the modeling industry I was like “oh this is my chance, I saw it as a chance to build myself into the women I always wanted to be ,confident,sophisticated and it was also a chance for me to represent my country and the morals that we stand for” she said

When she started she thought this whole modeling journey was about showing off your skin and nudity , but she all wrong. Modeling is about the representation of who you are as a person, people should be able to tell your story through your image.

Shes most proud of Ashley Graham’s work the most Ashley Graham is the one that inspired her to venture into this modeling business, she’s true to herself and you can just see by her work that she’s confident in her skin and isn’t afraid to put it out there . It gives people like her the motivation to actually live outside their bubble.

Munashe is a very social person so she really don’t have a problem being in a room filled with people she don’t know. She can easily converse with anyone, which is something I’m really proud of it allows her to fit in anywhere, shes also a very patient and consistent person. She’s also a fast learner and quickly adapt to new environments and way of life

One major challenge she has faced in this industry is the hurtful comments
That’s one thing she wasn’t prepared for when she started “people’s opinion and comments, but I learnt to accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it’s 0only what you think of yourself that matters” she said.

In the next 5 years she wants to develop herself as a professional model and learn new skills such as the etiquettes of modeling and go for proper grooming to build her name and open a clothing store with her own fashion designs and brandname .

With Consistency she is really becoming a household name.

Commercial modelling is a niche that spans across a wide area. Advertisements (both print and television), magazines and catalogues all fall under the commercial umbrella. Brands such as Econet and JanJam hire models to promote their product to their target audience and therefore require talent that fits their vision.

Commercial models are required for campaign imagery, online product shots, billboards, TV advertisements and product packaging for fashion, beauty, technology and homeware; the list is endless, which means the type of models required is also vast.