Name : Chiedza Ashleigh Mutenda


Modeling Agency: Size four

How did you feel winning this pageant : Miss Zimbabwe Grand was definitely a dream come true. When I entered the modeling industry I was striving to prepare myself for the Miss Zimbabwe Grand pageant and I was very happy to have been part of the winners. Finally I can now achieve my goals as a princess with the power that beholds the crown. I was very relieved to know that the wait is finally over. Indeed i did it!

How fair was the pageant: The Miss Zimbabwe Grand was very fair and they truly did justice to everyone. Our judging started at bootcamp. Here there was a clear analysis of our true characters and you bet the Queen does have a golden heart, she is kind, caring and helpful. Add that with her amazing walk and good speech you would see she really deserved to be Queen. From the first princess I learnt to have courage and confidence…that too added to her winning. Everyone did exceedingly great but these queens had the most outstanding marks. It was fair indeed!

Any pageants you had won before : Miss Glamour Zimbabwe 2020

Any plans for the future:I’m striving to help the less privileged facing financial instability, so that have the same amazing opportunity we also have to enter pageants, have a chance to showcase their talent and celebrate beauty. I also advocate for the wellbeing of the women in prison and aim to improve their sanitation so that they however enjoy their womanhood too. Besides this, I’m striving to successfully invest in an agricultural and tourism project that will not only benefit the economic system in Zimbabwe as well as the tourism sector but also constantly supply the Miss Zimbabwe Grand firm with financial aid that can help in charity. Lastly with all this I plan to become a successful town planner and demographer