Name: Amanda “Mandy” Mpofu

Age: 24

Modeling Agency: I don’t belong to any agency at the moment because this has been my first ever attempt in pageantry & modeling as a whole.

How I felt: I was flabbergasted! I mean in the course of the preparation for the pageant, I was always one of the few contestants that was constantly corrected on how to walk etc😅. I guess that was mainly because I’d never taken any modeling lessons or anything related to that so upon witnessing the level of genius that the other contestants possessed, I kind of lost hope. So honestly, I was surprised but at the same time felt a sense of pride, fulfilment & achievement engulf me. I could just rewind that moment because from then onwards, I’ve been motivated to pursue & do more.

Other pageants won before: None at all. As stated before, Miss Zimbabwe Grand is my 1st modeling gig. From here onwards, I’m not stopping😂! How I wish I had done this sooner🤦🏻‍♀️

Plans for the future: I would absolutely love to penetrate the international walls and fly my country’s flag high and to just navigate the modeling industry even further i.e try out fashion modeling, advertising etc. Overall, I aspire to be a celebrated brand name in as much as modeling is concerned, nationally and globally so as to inspire every other young girl who has so much dreamed of being a model but has never gotten the opportunity to be one.