Let’s learn from each other

It is summer afternoon and we are at East Rand Mall, Bosburg north, Gauteng Province. It is the preferred meeting place for 22 year old, Praise nkovani, one of the best up ~coming models from Limpompo, dressed casually in a nevy blue blazer with a milky white t~shirt, putting on a light blue skin jean and wearing red high heels. Brave and bold, Nkovani refused to have her horizons limited by circumstances. Growing up in a Mashobye village seems like to be an disadvantage but she turned lemons into lemonade. Here, she offered 3 wisdom nuggets to empower other women’s out there :


1) How do you handle pressure?


Generally, life is hard. There is no need to debate on that issue. Simply because it will never change anything. The good news is that every man has ability to withstand any situation. Modelling has taught Praise to be fearless and she has learnt to collect herself before she show up at the stage. Sometimes, she will be sick or having mixed emotions but it does not stop her to smile infront of camera’s and to walk confidently on the stage.


2) Do you think that secular education is very important for models?


Modelling is not only about walking and posing, it is more than that. It requires higher faculty to display creativity and maturity of a person. A very few number of people usually survive in this kind of industry because the brains plays a major role more than the physical part. Education teach us how to think not what to think. Whether, you are a model or not , education is very important because it improves your reasoning capacity. It will help you to make sound decisions in life.


3) ls it possible for a women change the narrative of her story?


For years, women have been told what types of roles they are supposed to play in the society and the types of jobs they are supposed to do. These ideologies were limiting women to freely express themselves in their own uniqueness. As a result of this, they were only dominating in the kitchen rather in the boardrooms or in the market place. The best way to break this cycle is to change the mentality of the women’s so that they can start to believe in themselves.


Written by


Kudakwashe T Muganu