By Rubaya Tapiwa

Miss Universe is among one of the pageants that is watched and supported by billions of people across the globe. It’s also a platform that many young female models, dream of taking part in . The pageant has been set aside as a platform that serves to advocate for humanitarian cases. As a model one is tasked to work with their communities in what most people describe as ‘Charity/Community’. For the first time,the organisers of the pageant, selected Israel to be the host nation for this year’s pageant . This has caused several tensions among the billion followers of the pageant .As Israel is accused socially and politically for practicing apartheid towards the Palestine Nation . Africa has been the major support of Palestine ,many of it’s countries have pulled out of the race. In protesting against the host nation however in other Nations such as South Africa the subject of their pulling out or stick to the Israel trip is a debatable subject . On the 14th of November the Ministry of Sports,Arts and Culture in South Africa through it’s spoke person ,Masechaba Khumalo broke it’s silence towards the matter. During an interview with 405 Newsroom Afrika ,Masechaba Khumalo said the Ministry is distancing it’s self from the journey that Miss South Africa ,Lalela Mgwane wants to partake in to Israel. “We don’t endorse Miss SA going to Israel for Now.”You can’t distance yourself,from politics as Miss SA and Universe represents humanitarian,”said Khumalo.Several political parties have echoed the same voice and other political parties . However some still believe it’s Miss SA’s right to either decided to go or not to go, sighting that South Africa has conducted some deals with Israel and Has one hosted Israel tennis players.