With the rise of social media, many pageants are initiating a People’s Choice at multiple levels of competition. Some pageants use social media to link to the pageant’s website people can vote In this article we cover how to run a success People’s Choice Awards for contestants

5 Tips to Get ONLINE Votes

1. Don’t be scared to ask your 
friends and family to vote for you.
If you are at a family event, hanging out with friends, relaxing post practice or waiting for a ride, ask your friends and family to vote for you and walk them through the process right then and there. Not with them? Send an email or tag them on social media posts asking them to vote.
Think about it, politicians ask thousands of people to vote for them. If they were too scared, they’d never get elected.

2. Share the actual link on all social media outlets you have.

Connect the chain! People need the link to know where to go to vote for you. Just saying “Vote for me!” does no good. You have to lead the horse to water if you want it to drink (or vote). 
Be active in your campaign

3. Be sure to give specific instructions. 

“Lots of people will just like your post and not the actual picture that gives you credit,”. This is key! If the votes  work by the likes on the picture, it has to be the picture on the pageant’s social media post, not your social media post.
Be sure to clearly explain to your followers that they need to vote for you on the pageant’s page for it to count. 
Political ads tell you to vote “yes” or “no” depending on the side they are promoting, and there are also big “Register to vote” 
campaigns before major elections, so walk your people through how to vote for you to 
ensure you get the vote.

4. Do not overdo it with the same post.

Not only will people get annoyed with seeing the same post over and over again, but they will ignore it because they’ve “already seen it” and will scroll right past. Use different tactics. Videos, memes, pictures, even info to get to know you. You can also ask your sponsors and friends to help promote you so it is them asking for the vote rather than just you.
Politicians don’t campaign by themselves, they have an entire staff to help them get elected.

5. Be sure to explain why you want them to vote and what they are voting for.
Sound familiar? You’re campaigning just like a politician. Just like you’re going to walk into your interview and prove to the judges why they should pick you, you need to convince the people why they should vote for you. Yes, your close friends and family will vote for you, but everyone else
needs some convincing. Tell them why. Use hashtags to help others who are fans of the pageant and your cause to find, follow and vote for you on social media. Be careful of unsolicited contact and inappropriate profiles that may follow you as a result of hashtag use, though.

Side note…Don’t cheat.
This should go without saying, but we are going to say it. Don’t cheat. Don’t buy votes. “This is supposed to be a fun contest based on likes, As our society advances in technology, it is easier and easier to manipulate
things online.” Even though there may be ways to buy votes, please don’t. Do you really want to be the girl that cheated? “People know and people talk, People realize that when your votes jump up 500 plus likes overnight, something is a little fishy.
Just don’t do it.”