Life is not a guess work. Life is governed by principles. Whatever you do today, you will reap the results. Either positive or negative results . lt is so amazing that some of the folks are strolling through life and living in a comfort way but expecting to live an extraordinary lifestyle. Generally, you cannot get more out of life than what you are willing to put into it. The plain truth is that you have to give the best inorder to get the best.

There are certains folks who always have tons of excuses and reasons to give why they are failing to accomplish their dreams. They think that it is geographical location, government policies, personal background, age or the type of business they are doing. Results is a reflection of your action. It is impossible to get different results, if you do the same the thing over and over again. What do you have to do, challenge yourself? Learn something new, improve your skills or expound your network on a daily basis.

Demand more from yourself because you can be much more better than what you are today. A sense of arrival is very dangerous to your personal progress. Never be satisfied with your current state. Live for something larger than you. You are destiny for greatness.

There is no need to sugar coat this statement, you have to do more to gain more. A wise man, Zig Ziglar once said, ” life is easy on those who are hard on themselves.” If you want a beautiful life, divorce from the unproductive habits, bad behaviour and irrivelant ideologies. Don’t wait for success to get you .Go and get it.

Lastly, stop acting mild. You cannot have big dreams and be lazy at the same time. lf you do so, you are wasting your time, talents and gifts. Strive to better yourself each an everyday. The real defination of demanding more from yourself is to be willing to learn something new, to stretch yourself into another dimension or to maximum your capacity because your old experience will never produce different results.

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Kudakwashe T Muganu is a writer, author, university student, young entrepreneur, fitter and turner by profession.