Lloyd Mapupa is not a newbie in the modelling industry,he has catwalked in numerous fashion shows .
To him selecting modelling as part of his life was all because of the passion that he had from his heart about the Industry.
In an interview with Lloyd Mapupa we find out more about his journey and what are some of his 2021 wish lists .

Q:Summaries how you entered the modelling industry?
A:I started my modelling in 2017.I choose modelling because it’s passion , my dream and growning up I always had a passion for art in fashion .
In 2017 I decided to try out modelling , i didn’t know what to do till when someone connected me up with one of the best designers

Q:What type of modelling are you into ?
A:I’m freelance model and I do runway,commercial modelling.

Q:Which shows have you catwalked in ?
A:My first fashion show was for (Fashion League ) which was followed by ICAN fashionweek in Harare.

Q:How did you managed to conquer the challenges that you faced?
A:I faced so many situations that i felt like giving up , I felt like I will never achieve anything but I learnt to be grateful.
Living a life with the fear of being rejected,will hurt you but i learnt that self confidence is the line to achieve your goal.

Q:Who inspires you!
A:Martintollysibanda he’s ar model in Zimbabwe
Outside the country (KevonSamuel) he’s from Nigeria

Q:Which fashion designers are you hoping to work with ?
A:I’m hoping to work with
Zargue’sia(Ishmael Tsakatsa)
(Fashion Guru)BlessingMunjeri and with some best designers in the country

Q:You are also into vintage,what made you to select vintage ?
A:Vintage its a ruote of all fashions and its Original

Q:What are your 2021
A : 2021 I hoping great things, working hard. Doing some collaboration with models,having shoots .Linking up with photographys

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E-mail :lloydlontal1936@gmail.com

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