Article by Rubaya Tapiwa

MN Creations is a fashion brand founded by Namiban fashion designer. The brand is prominently known as a Men’swear clothing line.
To some surprise during the Windhoek Fashion Week 2020,MN Creations released the collection ,’Lady G’ which was mainly dominated by ladies lingerie.

In exclusive interview with the founder Matheus Erastus he tells us about the journey of his brand and also we find out more about the collection ‘Lady G’ .

.TR:Compliments of the new season what does 2021 mean to you as. fashion designer ?
MN:Thank you and compliments for the New year.2021 …..thinking of it I don’t really know ,its another Season for us hustle and create master pieces for the fashion lovers .

TR:Your brand MN Creationsnam this year,turns 13 how has your journey been since you started your fashion designing path ?
MN:Being a self-taught designer the journey has been a learning process ,every day we learn something new.
I started MN Creations in 2009 in my parents dining room with 1 sewing machine a passion for fashion and couldn’t stop myself from then

TR:MN Creations is well known for designing exclusive male underwear, why did you as the founderselected that category?
MN:When I started MN Creations we catered a lot to special occasion, haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion, so we wanted to broaden our wings and decided to tap into that world.

TR:Matheus you showcased during the last episode of the Windhoek fashion week 2020, you released ladies lingerie ‘ lady G’ .What inspired ‘LADY g’ the collection?
MN:The LadyG line is inspired by the independent African women who are a risk taker and a lover of all things pretty .

TR: Speaking about 2020 and collection, part of the collection you relesedlast year had different types of men’s Underwear, why is it important to have different classes for under wear as a gentleman {atheisure,sleepwear etc }?
MN:Each styles of underwear caters/delivers a different kind of comfortability and beside that they bring abit of style .

TR:Cotton and lace are the major fabrics or materials that you use why?
MN:The aim to be able to deliver something sexy yet comfortable.

TR:Back to the Windhoek fashion week why is the show important to your brand?
MN: It’s all about art, publicity and prestige
So we get to showcase our latest work and aesthetic, so it a great platform for us

TR: What inspires you?
MN:-My surroundings and people in general.

TR: This year what should be expected from you ?
MN:We have so much planned so cant disclose of yet but you should be ready for bigger things.

Rubaya Tapiwa