MF fashion brand is located in Ghana,we talk to it’s founder Mohammed about there Spring/Summer 2020 collection .
We observe that the collection is made out of leather and Mohammed explains to us the reason behind the use of the fabric.
Check out some of his collection.

TR:When was your brand founded?
MF:MF CULTURE brand was launched in 2018.

TR:What does your brand mainly specialises on?
MF:Well as a contemporary luxury brand I incorporate the indigenous Ghanaian fabrics.Eg.Leather fabric to give my brand a unique identity from other fashion brands.

TR:When was your first show?
MF:My first show I showcased was this year @winnebafashionweek(wfw20).

TR:How many shows have you showcased in recently?
MF:Ihad about three shows:
@fireontherunway in Kenya got cancelled because of covid 19,it also affected my sales that’s low cost of demand for the outfits.

TR:You released your Spring Summer collection can you tell us about it?
MF:The inspiration behind my S/S20 collection is about blending my culture and the western trends to a modern taste of fashion.
I decided to go back to my roots and pick key ideas to blend it with western trends and to depict the names in my local dialects( suglo) meaning patience for the because world experienced covid 19 so I wanted to say patience is what once need regardless of the covid and the us beauty of it because after war the is peace then I brought feelings into the pieces.

TR:Why leather?
MF:I choose leather because the brand is specifically into custom made jackets and other contemporary wears.

TR:What should we expect from you?
MF:People should expect more exclusives designs from the brand.
I’ve dare to take my fashion talent to the next level and encourage my fellow designers to believe in their dreams.
By Rubaya Tapiwa