2020 has been the most difficult year when it comes to the fashion and modelling industry .
This was due to the Covid 19 pandemic,which has affected the world and placed the world into lockdown.
Creating an atmosphere for activities such as fashion shows and gatherings to be cancelled and others to be postponed .
Financial the industry has also been crippled as non activities took part the industry hence no income was generated .
However a number of fashion lovers kept the industry going.
In the world of male models,Ben Chest;Liam Hall;Tino Chinyani;Ray Motsi;Devson Luzane;Jimmy Mhlanga;Ishmael Murangandi are some of the names that dominated this year’s modelling sector.

Ben Chest had casted in various music videos for example JP’s music videos and Tammy Moyo.
He also got re-nominated for the #BAAzw2020 under Outstanding Male Model Award.While Liam Hall a photogenic model,trended due to his Photogenic pictures ,as well as his nomination at the Roil #BAAZw2020.
Liam worked with Snaz and Bulawayo Arts Awards Nominee, Sozinio Jordao.
He also took part in the Fashion Awards Runway Show.
Tino Chinyani who is regarded as the legend of Zimbabwe’s modelling industry dominated the industry in both negative and positive ways.
His photogenic pictures were the talk of the town,in the sector.
While everyone celebrate with him when he announced that his now a father,to a baby boy named Tinaye with South African actress Simpiwe Ngema.
Back home ,multi_award winning model,Raymond Zviko Motsi’s popularity grew this year through his photogenic and commercial modelling with Jan Jam exclusive boutique brand and his own personal pictures.
Hence he won, Outstanding Male Model Award during ,the 2020 Glam Awards .
Ishmael Murangandi ,who is Mister Zimbabwe’s runner up,he co-founded the first ever Mister Teen Zimbabwe along with other models and has been conducting charity work across his home town.
Another model from the city of Kings and Queens who was one of the most trending models this year,is
Jimmy Mhlanga,no fashion runway shows for him this year but photogenic and commercial modelling he dominated.
As he took photoshoots with international brands in
South Africa such as Palse’s S/S 2020 etc.
He is also a nominee for the Outstanding Best Male Model Award at the #BAAzw2020.
The name of the reigning Mister Zimbabwe,can’t be skipped out from the male models who did well this year.
Devson Luzane,the reinging Mister Zimbabwe managed to launch his fitness programme on Zbc tv and in addition he signed a number of modelling commercial shoots contracts with different brands.While he was in his office of being Mister Zimbabwe .
He also toured across the country in promoting the title Mister Zimbabwe,not forgetting that before his term is over he entered the Zollywood world as an actor.
The term fashion can’t exist without,the Designers being stated, many designers changed sides and thought of focusing in creating masks this year which was a positive move .
As they were play their part in saving the world.
However some created masks and on the other hand they continued launching exclusive collections.
The International fashion house,Zargue’sia,founded by Ishmael Tsakatsa is one of the best fashion house ranked in the country.
Designing 8 stunning dresses for his clients,who made his garments to be the talk of the NAMA’s red carpet this year,was his first move of the year .
Who will forget his opening year collection.
At the moment he recently released his latest collection,’The Royal Remnants’,is being viewed as one of the best collections ever to be released in Zimbabwe this year by fashion lovers .
The International brand was suppose to present one of s
their collections in Botswana this year,however due to Covid 19 the show was conducted digital where he presented his collection and is expected to present it in Malawi.
The Zargue’sia brand was not the only male fashion house,which dominated in the industry this year.
Sozinio Jordao a fashion house whose,roots are traced from the city of Kings and Queens aka Bulawayo.
The brand has been designing for the Queens in the city Royal Kingdom of Bulawayo and also outside the boundaries of the Province.
One of its major trend this year,was the garment which was worn by Zimbabwe’s male model Liam Hall.
The Sozinio Jordao is nominated at the #RoilBAAzw 2020 awards and many believe it is the winner of the gong.
From the Sunshine City of Harare,the Ivhu tribe, keeps Shining across Africa as it continued this year in it’s use of it’s costumes in telling unique African stories.
One of their major costumes are the ones which this year,Vimbai Zimuto wore.
Without the role of photographers ,we won’t be able to visual see our favourite models and the work done by the designers .
This year #Puzzlemoment, a brand from Bulawayo stood out for many.
Founded by a young gentlemen who goes by the name Ricky whom many prefer to call him the ‘King of Photograph’ .
This year was his year as, a photographer as everyone in and outside the fashion world, in all the four corners of the country wanted to work with his brand .
One of his most trended shoots,was the one which he conducted for the come back of Sandra Ndebele.
The pictures went viral,on all social media platforms.
Last but not least,before the country went into a national lockdown,due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
Anesu Mhembere aka Minister Whitelinen,who is the co-founder of the Dandy Gentlemen Zimbabwe,hosted the first ever Dandy Gentlemen Zimbabwe show.
The show was hosted in Harare and in the second capital city of the country .
Due to the Covid 19 pandemic,organisers of the event had to cancel the event which was scheduled to be hosted in Gweru .
The Dandy Gentlemen Zimbabwe event,involved gentlemen who wore their vintage wear across the town and also conferences which are meant to discuss more about grooming.
Anesu is also a fashion stylist and a wadrobe consultant .

By Rubaya Tapiwa .