It’s that time of the year,where we have to put our jackets, Jerseys back to the closert.
Yes it is the spring/summer season . Many get confused when it comes to the what to wear,when it comes to summer.
We interact with Mbongeni Nxumalo,fashion stylist who derives from the Royal City of Bulawayo . He provides his tips on what to wear this summer. enjoy!

TR:From Choreography to fitness trainer and fashion stylist. Who is Mbongeni can you describe yourself in few words?
MN: Mbongeni is a creative diverse in the art sector of dance and fashion .

TR:One can observe that you have been working out a lot by the 6 packs. When did you thought of taking fitness training as a career?
MN:I thought of taking fitness as a career during this ‘Covid19 Lock Down’ since it started and l have been putting so much efforts to it by being consistent to it also .

TR:How has your journey been since you embarked on your journey?
MN: lt has been amazing and creative showing off my different kind of skills to the world that l am capable of.

TR:Besides being a fitness trainer,you are also a fashion stylist how do you manage,to combine the two?
MN:l am now a Choreographer, fitness coach and stylist and l give myself, self time for it and l think on it’s on ! It’s on co-ordination l am able to combine all of it .

TR:Speaking about fashion,what’s your description of summer/Spring season?
MN:Summer is when you allow the body to get the fresh air by combining your shorts, vests , shades ,caps , sun hats , sneakers etc and spring it’s dilution where your casual can now feature combining your fashion style in one .

TR:To gentleman what advise do you have when it comes to what to wear this year’s S/S?
MN:Any preferable style of theirs during this summer season, they are allowed to just play around their fashion style they like that is going to present them in a comfortable manner .

TR:You have travelled across the world . Which place is it suitable for one to purchase their summer/spring clothes.
MN:Ohhhhhh any country has dope stuff to just shop your clothes depending on your choice and what you like and you think it’s suitable for you .

TR:If Covid wasn’t present which country would you have chosen to spend you summer holidays
MN:IBiza , Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria or America to name a few .

TR:You are part of the Soul Dudes crew,what made you and your duo member (Aaron) to form the crew?
MN:Yes l am part of a Dance duo called SOUL Dudes which was formed by me & friend Aaron in 2014 when we started creating some freestyles which were liked by many …

TR:As we wrap up how do people join your fitness programme and how your fashion clients reach you?
MN:They can check my choreography work , fashion work and fitness classes on all social media platforms ( Mbongeni Nxumalo )
Rubaya Tapiwa