‘The Royal Remnants’ is the latest collection to be released by the Multi Award winning International fashion house,Zargue’sia,in Botswana.
In an exclusive interview with the brand,founder Ishmael Tsakatsa,who provided insights about the collection’s origins.
We also get to know how the Zargue’sia brand is reaching out to it’s clients,during the Covid 19 pandemic.

TR:2020 has been one of the worst years for many across the world . What definition can you give to describe 2020….
IT:2020 was a tough challenge.

TR:You were meant to showcase in Botswana this year however due to Covid the show was cancelled,how did that affected your brand?
IT:It was a bit of a setback but it was postponed and to the 16th of October and we managed to do a digital showcase in Botswana.

TR:Besides the show you are regarded as one of the most successful designers in Zimbabwe. Can you share with us some of your success this year as a brand?
IT:The brand has received global recognition in different parts of the world as well as invitations to different platforms abroad. Our clientele continues to grow and we are tapping into new markets as well.

TR:Ishmael ,Spring/Summer is already upon us,you releasing your s/s 20/21 collection.Can you give us an insight of the collection ?
IT:“The Royal Remnants” Spring/Summer 2021
A collection inspired by a story of a woman who went into exile and hiding in order to protect her children from slaughter by her enemies. Many years later, the children reappeared with boldness, power and authority to repossess their inheritance.

TR:Zargue’sia brand is well known of exhibiting your collections across international platforms. Where are you planning to showcase your latest collection ?
IT:We recently launched it in Botswana and month end it will be exhibited in Malawi .

TR:What will set this collection apart from other previous collections we have seen from your brand?
IT:It is a very bold and daring dramatic collection from the color palette and designs of the pieces

TR:Just like many brands that have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic lockdowns.What are your major plans in making sure you going back to where you where?
IT:As a brand we are strategizing on taking advantage of digital marketing and online shopping for our soon to be opened online store that will be shipping worldwide and catering for clients across the globe

TR:What words do you have to your clients who have support your brand in the past years,especially this year during the Covid 19 pandemic?
IT: I would like to say thank you for your loyalty and we are grateful for standing and supporting us in such difficult times.

By Rubaya Tapiwa