Last month was a new beginning ,for Zibusiso Ngwenya as his life entered into a new chapter.
As he was coronated as Mister Teen Zimbabwe and to be awarded,People’s Choice Award during Mister Teen Zimbabwe.
In an interview with Model guide mag,Zibusiso Ngwenya reveals to us some of his plans in assisting his community.

TR:Zibusiso Ngwenya congratulations on your coronation . what does it mean winning the pageant and the award,People’s choice?
ZN: Thank you.
Being the very first Mr Teen Zimbabwe is an honour and a privilege. It means I can now stand up for the boy child, represent him and speak about his needs and how he can be helped.
I’m grateful to everyone who voted for me to be People’s Choice and it has showed me that I have the People’s support.

TR:What gave you the passion in becoming part of the pageant?
ZN: I decided to register for the pageant after a friend of mine sent me the registration notice.
I took the decision to register because, I knew how joining this pageant would help me learn more about the modelling industry, expose me to new things and help me grow as an upcoming model.

TR:As a young model what other pageants are you hoping to take part in,when it comes to the future?
ZN: As a young model I look forward to participating in the Mr Zimbabwe pageant in a few years to come and also to participate in the Mr I Am Africa pageant as well as the international Mister Global pageant.

TR:You walked away with $1500,any plans with that amount?
ZN: I plan on using some of the money to purchase things I can donate to a charity and also to tithe some of my prize money. The remainder I will spend on myself.

TR:A little bird alerted us that,you will be conducting a charity outreach soon,can you tell us more about it ?
ZN: My fellow Mr Teen Zimbabwe finalists and I plan on visiting a Children’s home soon and donating a few food stuffs and clothes.

TR:What was your greatest moment in the pageant?
ZN: My greatest moment in the pageant was coronation night. I was overwhelmed with joy and I was grateful to have been chosen as King and Mr People’s Choice.

TR:What do you think are the main factors that made the judges to select you as the winner?
ZN: ) I think they chose me as the winner because of my determination and hard work throughout the course of the pageant.

TR:Any advice to other young models from your city and the country?……
ZN:My advice to the boy child,is to always believe in yourself and that you can achieve whatever you set your heart and mind to.
People will always talk but choose who you listen to, concentrate on those that speak growth and success into your life.

By Rubaya Tapiwa