By Chido

It is a common sentiment that models should generally be slim and tall resulting in many shunning their dreams to ever become models.
However, the introduction of Miss Curvy Zimbabwe brought about a new wave of plus size models and a new understanding of the modelling industry.
Ruvarashe Claire Kagwere, 19 years of age is one of the finest plus-size models currently running for Miss Curvy Africa 2020.
Ruva feels confident in her own skin drawing much inspiration from Miss Curvy Zimbabwe 2018-2019 Miss Cleo Mandirahwe and radio and TV personality MIS RED who openly advocates for plus size women.
In an interview with this publication, Ruva raised concerns over body shaming, harassment and nick names plus size models receive in their line of work.
Such negativity almost took a toll on her as she was about to quit modelling and pursue other interests.
However, she survived the storm through grooming lessons, support from family and friends and by taking the negativity as a stepping stone to greater things.
The online pageant voting for Miss Curvy Africa will begin to run on the first of September to the end of November.
Ruva hopes for the best as she aims to compete on a regional stage with other African ladies.