Rubaya Tapiwa

From the 29th to the 31st of this month of July,the SA Men’s Wear Week in collaboration with the Capetown Fashion Council. Brought 15 SA Designers,to exhibit their work via live stream show,during this year’s SAMW S/S 21.
Ellen Maide,Thobey Cooper,Neo Serati displayed their designs on the first day.
While Mara Mara,XM Creations,Throwaway Twenty ,Maze Collection were among brands that exhibited their designs on the second day.
Closing the curtains on the third day,were Imprint,Iconic Black Jacques,Lagrance,Lucky Luke and Quiteria and other designers.
All events begin from 7pm CAT until 7:50 pm.
The fashion designers made history debuted their spring/Summer 2021 collections during the first ever SAMW Week .
Which is also the continent’s first ever Digital African Fashion show,as the continent is battling the Covid 19 virus.
The show had no presences of the audiences in the auditorium,however they were able to view the creation designs made through the SAMW’s website.
In addition audiences were able to use the website as a way of communicating to each other.
They would also get an opportunity to hear, the first hand explanation of the collection from the designers who gave the insight of what their collections where about.
For purchasing the designs,the SAMW teamed up with the Capetown Fashion Council to allow their audience to buy clothes straight off the catwalk from an online store called CTFC Marketplace.
Designer Nao Serati,didn’t miss his style in challenging traditional ideas of masculinity through his designs.
While Quiteria kekana,continued to prove to the world that he might have chosen a solo adventure but his creativity can bring flames to the ramp.
‘Dressed up with no where to go’,was the theme of Rosey and Vittorio who painted the ramp with their popping prints and wild colours.

Rubaya Tapiwanashe