Started as a model, ventured into acting and other spheres of the art industry.
However finally,Ramadhan Yusuph aka Romy Jay got an opportunity to launch his own fashion brand.
Which has dressed a number of artists including, Tanzania’a award winning artists.
In an interview with model guide,we travel with Ramadhan to his journey as he explains how it started .

TR:Can you tell us about yourself?
RY:My name is Ramadhan Yusuph shagile nickname (ROMY JAY).
I am a fashion model and a designer of traditional clothing from Tanzania (costume designer)
…I was born on January 25, 1996 at Pasiansi Hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania … I’m the second child in a family of four children.

TR:How did you embark into modelling and designing?
RY:Fashion is something I loved from a young age is something that has lived in my dreams for a long time, my art journey I started as a camera man, I became an actor, I moved to singing as well but my biggest dream was to do fashion .
One day a friend of mine got a chance to take the form to join a modeling agency and he had to call me and I went with him until casting we were successfully selected and joined the ‘onmystylish’ modeling agency on 16th 12th 2016 for the first time my dreams came true and I started my new modeling journey with I paid for the form for $ 13 .
So I started designing clothes after doing the modeling I focused on since I started modeling I was interested in having my own so it got to the point where I saw now is the right time to start creating natural clothing..
And I started designing three years ago in collaboration with someone but this year I officially decided to become independent and create my own brand which I named “THE AFRICAN BRAND” and started with my first collection which I named “African Beauty” which is a traditional African dress with carvings. African carvings. and I have been asked to dress great artists from Tanzania like Diamond, Harmonize, Zuchu, and Qwisa.

TR:Why do you specialise on native dress and collection?
RY:I do all the clothes as a stylist … except by profession I am a designer and I do tradition for many reasons but it also gives me a chance to use my creative art to think of something more different. Than to use white tradition .

TR:You from Tanzania and your country has been doing well in the sector.
What are some of the factors that have led to the positivity of the Tanzania male modelling industry?
RY:Dreams and passions

TR:who inspires you…
RY:So far no one has inspired me in terms of clothing design because I have had this dream since I was in school and I have a bigger dream that makes my predecessors see that they have not yet reached the part where I will use them as an example,hence what makes me do better in the creativity is my dream and the passion I have and to go further

TR: Favourite style icon?
RY:Diamond Platnumz

TR:Among African brands which ones are you hoping to work with …

TR:You have worked as a commercial model in your career .what do you love about your work?
RY: I like what I do because it makes me look better and also gives me a chance to show what I have so it makes me work harder also meet different people

TR:Where do you see your future ….
RY: To go further and spread African culture in various countries and Europe

By Rubaya Tapiwa