By Rubaya Tapiwa.

As the London Fashion Week A/W 2020 kicked of in a unique and historical way this year on the 12th of June to the 14th of June.
Everyone who had an opportunity to seat,at the front row of this year’s London Fashion Week’s VVIP seats.
As the show was held online,the public could view every activity that was happening during the show at their comfortable settings.
This was due to the COVID 19 pandemic,which has made a number of countries to go under lockdown, restricting movements of people from one area to another .
And also preventing a large number of people to gather under one roof.
Resulting to the cancellation and postponements of event, including fashion show events in Africa.
These Include,Botswana without borders fashion Week and AFI Capetown fashion Show going online,on its last day in March.
Cancelling the masterclass programmes.
However to the London Fashion Week it was different story,by trying to stay under the WHO regulations,’social distancing.
They had to introduce a new system for their event.
However with a number of prominent fashion shows still pending in the fashion calendar,these include;Nigeria Men’s Fashion Week,Accra Mens Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kigali,Zambia Fashion Week and SA Fashion week.
Some Fashion critics,have suggested that organisers of fashion events especially,awards ceremonies and exhibition shows should opt into digital showcasing in order to keep in contact with their clients and show followers.
Also it’s going to keep the economy of the continent in good shape, such critical times,as the continent is still in fight with the invisible virus (COVID 19).
However some are of the view that not everyone in Africa has the privilege of having access to the internet as it’s tariffs are expensive and in other areas the connection of the internet is poor.
During the London Fashion Week this year,poetry;film; virtual galleries where the methods used to exhibit collections, instead of models catwalking.
By fashion designers who then used internet,to connect with the fans of the show.
They presented their work via,the London Fashion Week social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube from their (designers) studios and homes.
This year two African designers Tumila brand by Tumiola Ladega and Ahluwalia ,presented their work the launch of the A/W 2020 collection and a virtual reality exhibition book,’Jalebi’.
Time is yet going to tell if Africa will adapt to the new system.

Rubaya Tapiwanashe.