They say life begins at 40,however however when it comes to Zimbabwe’s modelling pageantry sector life began when the country obtained its independence. Although some critics believe its time for the country’s modeling industry ,to return to its golden days. Despite others debating that the pageantry sector improved last year,as many Zimbabwean models who include,Jemima, Letwin Tiwaringe and Alice Siyakangela among other models . Made the country proud when they represented the country in different international pageants that they took part in .We take a look at some of the best memories of country’s pageantry modeling industry in the last 40 years. In 1981,Zimbabwe’s retired model Shirely Nyanyiwa made history by becoming the first black model to win ,Miss Zimbabwe title. The button stick was passed on to other models,who included Angeline Musasiva,was crowned Miss Zimbabwe in 1994.She later went a step further to become the first Zimbabwean to be in the 4th position at Miss World Pageant competition. In 1999 the year which was prominently described as year of ‘Malaika’. Brita Maselethulini was crowned,Miss The Golden days of ZIM’S Pageant Modeling SectorZimbabwe after two years of her reign she was crowned Miss Malaika. Other Zimbabwean names that became prominent international in the world of pageant are Vanessa Banda,Malaika Mashandu,Bongani Dhlakama,O Muringai.Above all names the late models mentor Kiki Divaris. She was the patron of a number of models who have represented the country,international. Many are still wondering will Zimbabwe go back to its Golden days. By Rubaya Tapiwa