by Rubaya Tapiwa Award winning fashion Brand,Bushai Weave original from Ghana. Is one of the fashion brands that are not spared from the impact that the Covid 19 pandemic has caused in Business collapse in the African continent. In an interview with the brainchild of the brand. He tells us how his business has been affected by the lockdown which was introduced by his Government to slow down the spread of the virus and he further shares with us some of his plans to boost his business after the lockdown . Above all he tells us the impact of social media during lockdown and after . Q:Last year you launched a collection in Nigeria. What was the collection about and how did the public accepted your work? A:I launched a With sandals that are most worn by royal people in Ghana which is call in a local name ‘ Ohenema’ and as for the audiences they were really impressed with the collections on the runway because they saw that it was original from Ghana and what is not Commonely seen around. Currently I am back in my country,Ghana, planing to have a great shoot to take it globally and unfortunately the Covid 19 pandemic has brought everything on hold. I praying it will soon come to an end so we do the shooting for the eauty of the collection. Q:Where in Nigeria did you launched the collection and why that place? A:I wanted to presented or exhibit our collection to close the year 2019 and I presented it at the runway at African Fashion Week Nigeria 2019 and I named it the HERITAGE due the nature of the collection which speak much about our Ghanaian heritage. Ghananian culture to the public. So that the public can get to know more about our origins. Q:Currently the world is facing a pandemic. How has it affected your work? I also inculcate my weaving on the outfits and more of golden ornaments on then which also speaks royalty in Ghanaian chieftency.This pandemic has really slown down everything. Business is now at hold no orders and already orders are not coming for us making it it a bad situation and I am even confused I don’t even know the way forward now. But I think life is more precious let protect our life and stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. Q:Some state that as a designer you should use social media platforms to connect with the world. Many might wonder how does social media limit your work as a designer? A:Social media is very important in promoting your work as a designer it helps to showcase your work globally initially,I did not take social media seriously until I noticed that I cant do without social media if only I want my work to go globally. It has really impact my work. Q:What are your major plans to recover after the lockdown ? A:Surely I will recover. Life is the most important thing,at the moment I had some orders to deliver and I believe after delivering them to my cusyomers. I will get money to boost the business. Q:Where you expecting to showcase in any fashion show this year? A:I had selected some fashion shows to showcase my 2020 collections and my major platform to showcase this year was Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kigali. Unfortunately the pandemic has madethe show to be on hold. We praying God will heal the world.