By Rubaya Tapiwa

When one is in the modeling industry and takes a break for a longtime,many believe that its a sign that they have retired or even thrown the towel away. 

Carrl Andersonn is a Zimbabwean model,based in the city of Kings and Queens.
His face had disappeared in the fashion industry,the rumour had been that he is no longer part of the fashion and modeling industry. 
Model guide mag had an opportunity to catch up with Carrl Andersonn and he revealed to us some shocking news. 

TR:To those who don’t know you can you share with them who you are ?
CA:I’m Carrl Andersonn a runway model and i’ve been in the industry for the past three years and some of my friends of mine so it fit to call me ‘The Melanin King’ and you will be shocked that I liked it!

TR:Many had thought you had shipped out of the industry .What have you been up to?
CA:Hahaha (giggles),no I didn’t “ship out of the industry” as people assume I just had to put it on hold due to some personal reasons.

TR:Which shows did you took part in,the past?
CA: I partook in Summer Fashion and Style, Suqea Fashion Expression, Scarless and Flawless Fashion Show just to mention a few.

TR:During your break in the industry,what lessons did you learnt about the industry?
CA:To just be yourself, following your passion and to never lose hope since there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

TR:Who are your style amuse?
CA:To be honest everyone (not all of them) has a style that seem to amuse me here and there, because as people we’ve got a thing or two to learn from each other in terms of style.

TR:What goal do you wish to achieve in your come back in the industry?

CA:Well for me I wouldn’t want to mention my wishes just incase it doesn’t work my way so i will just go with the flow and see where the river leads because I just want people to see my success for themselves as we go.

TR:What’s your favourite motto?

CA:’Grind till you own’,I never leave home without that statemen.

TR:Who inspires you?

CA:Simba Gozo

TR:Which fashion shows are you planning to take part in ?

CA:Okay so I’m supposed to headline a launch sometime this year in Botswana because we thinking of not keeping it local and there are a couple of promising fashion shows which I will be informed, as time goes on if I will be taking part in .

TR:Carrl thank you for your time.