Zimbabwe’s modelling industry on the 12th of January woke up in a sad news which was hoax.
Social media went buzzer,after a post was uploaded on social media (Facebook),that one of Zimbabwe, Mister Zimbabwe’s 2019 finalist,Calvin Gilan Nare has passed away.
Family and friends tried to reach out to Calvin and his close family members.
But no one was reachable by that time to verify if the news was true or false.
After some hours,the 21 year old who was supposed to be dead.
Responded to the public,that he wasn’t dead and the news ,that was posted on social media was fake.
He further added,that a third party whose account name is Mira Jay tagged,his (Nare’s) Facebook account on the post that was highlighted about his death .
That is how his friends received the message.
The 21 year old cleared the confusion by posting a statement on the same social media platform minutes after,he realised the incident had spread like wild fire.
That his Facebook account was hacked by an unknown person .
“I dismiss the fake news that’s circulating about my death.I’m very much alive fit and strong. This morning someone hacked my Facebook account and started to send some messages to my Facebook friends,saying that I was hit by a truck and died on the spot,”narrated Nare.
He also added that,the fake news shocked his family and friends as this was highlighted by the messages that he received from his phone which had reached to over 10 000.
During the time of the interview when he was questioned by model guide,if he knew who had hacked his account.
The 21 year old,stated out that he had no idea who would have been the culprit.
“Why would someone hate me so much,to such an extent of sending fake news about my death,”questioned Nare.

By Rubaya Tapiwa