20 year old Martin Uladi,speaks out to model guide about his first goals.
When he wins the Mr Zimbabwe pageant. Some of his first goals is to preach the gospel of speaking out against abuse which is made mainly to the boy child.
In an interview with model guide, Martin tells us more about his modelling career and who inspires his career.

TR:Why did you thought of taking part at Mr Zimbabwe?
ML:Ifeel l have leadership qualities and as Mr Zim l can take change the lives of the youth of Zimbabwe.I had a passion in modeling since I was a child so I thought I would grab this opportunity… it also boost my career as a brand ambassador of some companies

TR:From the previous or out going Mr Zimbabwe what have you learnt from him?
ML:That made me to get into modeling than Much Like I was Deep deep into Modeling . l have learnt to do modeling whole heatedly

TR:What steps would you take to end child labour especially focusing on the boy child based in rural areas as Mr Zimbabwe?
ML:I can help them by seeking sponsorship on their behalf focusing on their education To end child labor is very difficult thing especially in rural areas because of some beliefs but the best thing is to offer lessons to the kids about their rights and responsibilities… so that they will know what’s better for them

TR:Who inspires you?
ML:Non Other Than EltonPinto motor
From Uk Yes He Is my Role Model
He Does Fitnesss modeling And I am A Fitness Model and Fashion Model
So I went Deep To Take Part In Mister Zim.

TR:After winning the pageant if you win .what will be your first aim as Mr Zimbabwe?
ML:If l become Mr Zimbabwe l educate the young male to speak up against violence. And Also Take Part In Help
I Guess I Will Take The First Part Cleaning Up Campaign .

TR:Take us to your modelling journey when it started?
ML:Started From High School When I scooped Best Dressed Student At my high school 3 times in a ROLE .
Not Forgetting the Women Behind Me Who Always Dress me Up My Mother
Who was Shocked when I Entered MISTER ZIM .THAT’S when people started to call me Mr Model

TR:Briefly take us to your Biograph?
ML:My name is Martin Tawanda Jr Uladi
I am a Fitness model
Award winning Fitness Model
Mid year Competitions
Award winning Fashion Model
@Jerome Fashion
Award Winning Best Dressed Student
I am Fashion model
I work For Royal Designs
Currently with TELONE again
Gym Is My Favorite Hobby

TR:When you name was mentioned as part of top 15 what came to your mind?
ML:I am one step away from winning,
when i founded out that I was part of top 15 the first thing that I did was to thank God and the support that my mom gave me for I know I couldn’t come this far without her.. her prayers .. and I want thank everyone that has voted for me I couldn’t make it without your support .NOT FORGETTING MY fans And My Loyal Zimmodels_24hours_official

TR:Thank you for your time!
ML:That’s my pleasure

By Rubaya Tapiwa