It seems like 2019 is Lanceton Ndlovu’s year.
Having moved from Plumtree to Bulawayo,every month something new is developed by his brand. The young fitness bodybuilding model continues climbing up the modelling ladder,as he was coronated as Mr Sports Model at Club Hastag in Bulawayo.
When questioned about his secret,when it comes to the success of his brand.
He told Model guide that hard work pays,hence that is his secret.” There is no secret i think the ability to be patient persistent and work hard (Laughing),”he informed.
Ndlovu further advised young people who would like to venture into body building not,to use any substances so that they can gain fame.
But to work hard so that they can achieve their dreams.
” Work hard develop yourself into a brand from the word go,”advised Mr Sports Model.
Model guide took the opportunity to interact with Lance about the rumour that he was no longer going to Nigeria,to represent his country in Nigeria during Mister Africa International .
Lance said it wasn’t a rumour,but true as he faced lack of funding.
He said he however hopes to work on television presenting as time goes on .By Tapiwa Rubaya