Zimbabwe’s King of the runway,former Mr Zimbabwe is to embark on a fashion journey next year to Lesotho to celebrate the life of King Moshoeshoe.

Who is the founder of the Basotho kingdom and is the great Icon of the Kingdom .

Shadel Noble aka King Noble is to take part in a fashion runway fashion show,during the Moshoeshoe Festival.

Which will be hosted by next year in September.

Aside from a fashion show,fashion and modelling seminars will be hosted by modelling legend,Melgin Tafirenyika alongside with South Africa’s sexiest hunk Vuyo Dabula.

Shadel is also expected to attend as an audiance the Miss And Mr Culture Lesotho during the festival.

Shadel Noble who. has been holding on the title of the ‘King of Runway for a longtime and despite him being the former Mr Zimbabwe. He is still one of the most favourite models to ever come out Zimbabwe,to be loved by many people from countries such as Zambia,Lesotho,Eswatini and even in

South Africa.

King Noble is the former ambassador of the AMMFI Zimbabwe,a duty which he handed over to Adonis Ncube.

And his the only model in Zimbabwe who made history during the Bulawayo Arts Awards by becoming the first model to win the award,Best Model of the Year.

And by scoping it twice.

Shadel has also catwalked in a number of local and international fashion runway shows such as SA Mens Wear,Empumalanga Fashion and Design Week,Ekuruleni Fashion Week,Intwasa Fashion Show,Matabeleland Fashion Week,The Mayor Fashion Show etc.

No wonder his still the title holder of the King Of the Ramp.

By Tapiwa Rubaya