What happens when the King of the runway and the godfather of vintage fashion meet under one roof.
For one to find out they have to attend the 8th episode of Umceco the Show.
Which will be hosted on the 21st of December,during the Ibumba Arts Festival in Bulawayo at Stanley Hall in Bulawayo’s oldest township,Makokoba.
The guests of the show will be the former,Mr Zimbabwe,Shadel Noble aka the King of The Runway and Welshman Sibanda aka Welsh the Stylist and godfather of the vintage.
The two are well known and also recognised in the fashion and modelling industry.
The two icon’s told model guide,that they were honoured in being invited as guests of the event.
“I am honoured and really looking forward to take part as this is the last show this year. I know it will end with a bang.How I began my career,how far I have come, my success as a model and being a brand ambassador,are some of the issues that I am going to talk about during the show,”said Shadel.
Speaking at the same atmosphere,Welsh the godfather of vintage shared the same views.
“I am greatly humbled,the fact that I started this movement as an underground fashionista. I wasn’t stopped by any negative forces…some thought it was all in the name prestige but now they are forming to my outrageous fashion sense.
“I will be narrating my journey from the time I used to walk in the street of Bulawayo,with my walking stick before Jidenna released his song Classic man,”informed Welsh.
The tickets of the event are purchased for 5 bond.
Check Out The Similarities Between The Two :
1:They both graduated at Fingers Modelling Agency in 2015
2:The two are regarded as fashion icons in Zimbabwe. Welsh (The godfather of vintage fashion and Shadel the King of runway)
3:In 2018 the two were nominated at BAAzw under Best Male Model Award.
4:In 2017 the two were in the finals of the People’s Choice Award during Zimbabwe Models Awards.
5:They both have won recognition awards for their work.By Rubaya Tapiwa