When the name Jimmy Mhlanga is mentioned out,whether its within a conversation or not .

Only three things comes to one’s mind:King,Sexy and modelling.

Models guide sat down with Jimmy Mhlanga in an exclusive interview with the award winning model,who is hoping to become the First ever Mr Zimbabwe,to be coronoted during Mr Zimbabwe pageant competition .

Jimmy explains what it would mean to his career and his brand if he wins the Kingship.

TR:Congratulations in becoming part of the top 15 finalists to battle it for the Kingship. How are you feeling?

JM:Thank you very much. Well I’m very excited about this one. I didn’t want to join in initially but once I saw the names I was put again, that sparked some wire inside of me, (giggles)I knew I had to get to be part of it.

TR:You are part of the favourites when it comes to Mr Zimbabwe Pageant,what pursued you to be part of the pageant?

JM:Am I part of the favourites (laughing)? Well like I said. Big names, and mine being part of them, I knew it would be something that would be great for the nation.

Something that people would be greatly anticipating and looking forward too.

On a personal view seeing myself at the top of the helm would be a dream and what better opportunity to prove myself. In sport they say,’ numbers don’t lie, well my profile doesn’t lie either’.

TR:Why is this pageant important To you and your brand?

JM:I just want to win to be honest. That would be my year made,there ain’t nothing else I need.

TR:If you win this throne as a king how would you assist a boy child in rural areas who is a victim of domestic violence?

JM:To be honest I do a lot of reaching out behind the camera.

I do strongly feel it’s not something that should be publicised so as to get attention.

But winning the throne would definitely increase my recognition first and make it easier to reach out to people. I believe the word of someone who’s respected and carries authority, is always taken.

I’d educate the community around which they are a victim, that in hope of reducing such.

TR:Aside from winning the throne what are you hoping to achieve before the year ends?

JM: I just want to win to be honest. That would be my year made. There ain’t nothing else I need.

To represent my nation, my city, my community.

TR:Describe your style in 3 words ?

JM:Street. Cool . Sexy

TR:What do you love about your 2019 modeling journey?

JM:The challenges hey!. I got a lot of people writing me off, saying I’ve lost it and I’m silent.

Then I do a couple of works down the line and everyone is cheering again.

I’d say the highlight for me is the big opportunity to shoot the ‘Zvekare’ video with Plaxedes Wenyika and her crew including Hakeem(former Big Brother participant)

TR:Speaking about your journey seems like 2019 has been your year do you agree?

JM:Nothing beats representing Zim at SA Mens Wear Week to be honest.

I would say though that I’ve been growing from then.

As I reflect I did do quite more work than last year. And got quite the recognition, of even being part of Mr Zimbabwe .

But I think last year birthed what I am to

TR:How will winning this pageant change your career?

JM:Wow! I think it would definitely be a testimony to all the work I’ve been putting in these couple of years.

I believe it would get me those jobs that are just waiting for such a title.

With every work I do, I believe I can do better. I challenge myself so the Crown would definitely push me. And I promise you

The world hasn’t really yet seen half of me

By Rubaya Tapiwa