Graduated from the fingers model academy this year,which was founded by modelling icon Sarah Mpofu.
Having his first job as a miner and currently a cleaner at an age of 22 working under one of the biggest brands in Africa,Simbisa brand.
Gives you a clue what a hard working person he is.
And how determined Ishmael Murangandi is when it comes to reaching out to his goals.
Ishmael is the currently reigning Mr I Am Africa,a pageant competition which took place this year in the city of King and Queens.
Where he is a resident in.
He won the title,two months after graduating from Fingers Modelling Academy.
Highlighting the potential he has in the industry of modelling,he has also been a judge panelist for a number of modelling pageant shows.
Muragandi believes he has high chances of,winning the pageant,Mr Zimbabwe.
As he has taken part in one of the biggest pageants in the country,Mr Fingers and Mr I Am Africa and he came out victorious,in one of the pageants.
As Mr I Am Africa,he has conducted some charity work in a number of organisations such as Jairos Jiri and Thembiso Home in Bulawayo.
The big question left is,Zimbabwe going to coronated him as Mr Zimbabwe.
The decision will be reveled on the 28th of December .
During the coronation of Mr Zimbabwe,where Ishmael is battling it out with other 15 male models for the title.
By Rubaya Tapiwa