Meet Tatenda Njanike,a young model who is dreaming on becoming the next Mr Zimbabwe.

In an interaction with Tatenda,he shares with model guide mag on how he has managed to help his community and also some of his plans in developing his surrondings.

Also in the interview,Tatenda peels up some of his previous works in the modelling industry.

TR:Tatenda can you take us to the time you started your modelling career?

TN:Hi, I am 26 years old. And this is my first year as a model. My first professional shoot was for an Edgars winter wear for their blog, an experience which inspired me to try commercial modeling.

TR:Whom have you worked with in the industry?

TN:I’ve done shoots for Tamskie Design hub for their summer collection and I’m also brand ambassador for Tino Daka brand which is a local afrocentric clothing brand.

TR:Aside from being a model you are also an advocate can you tell us more about it?

TN:As a model i advocate for the empowerment of tertiary students and I’ve been involved in the founding of an organization which seeks to alleviate financial struggles faced by students with low disposable income guardians. We have introduced 1000 student discount debit cards in partnership with Netone’s OneMoney, which saw cardholders receiving discounts at select shops like Sterkinekor, Goldprint and Kings Headgear.

TR:If you win Mr Zimbabwe,how will the community benefit from your projects?

TN: It’s my hope and goal to use the resources available to me as Mr Zimbabwe to foster a thriving community in the education sector.

TR:Who inspires you?

TN:I’m an avid reader and I’m inspired by different authors around the world who share their success stories.. these are authors like Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Jakes Roberts, who grew up under some form of hardships but went on to chase their dreams and succeed against the odds that were presented to them.

TR:What will it mean,winning the kingship ?

TN:This throne will mark a new chapter in my life. And I intend on creating a blog where i will share my life lessons in my journey as a model and entrepreneur.

We all have stories in us that need to be heard, that will inspire, liberate, and guide other people throughout their different stages in life. In years to come i want to make strategic partnerships with people and organizations in empowering young people who have artistic backgrounds.

Creating more platforms in Zimbabwe that embrace art.

TR:What type of projects are you doing to empower your community?

TN:I am building a brand that centers on empowering higher and tertiary students to be creative and take up space in the the world. I believe this pageant will empower me to build a strong brand that will reach and empower many.

By Rubaya Tapiwa