Who knew the hunger that Intwasa Arts Festival ko Bulawayo fans had for fashion….

Hundreds of people had gathered at the National Arts Gallery of Zimbabwe’s car park in Bulawayo last month on the 27th of September,during the 6th edition of The Umceco The Show which was held during the 15th edition of the Intwasa Arts Festival ko Bulawayo which was running under the theme #springfever.

The co- guest of the 6th edition of the show,was the multi award winning model Bernard Ndlovu aka Ben Chest.

Who is currently the man of the moment, in his hometown and also across Zimbabwe.

With many believing that Ben Chest is currently one of the shinning stars in the Southern Africa hemisphere’s modelling industry.

When given the podium to address the audiences,Ben started by telling the public how and why working hard is important in the modeling industry as he gave an example that it opens doors for one not only local but also international.

“If you are a model your work should speak for you. There must be certain factors, but it must be your hard work first,”he advised.

He said working hard has given him an opportunity to appear at an international commercial magazine,Edgars SA.

Commenting about,him being the winner of the BAAzw Roil’s Best Male Model Award.

Mr Ndlovu said winning the award is the biggest thing that has ever happened for him,especially in his home town.

Ben concluded the discuss during the show by encouraging ,models to sign contracts when ever they get involved in anything.

After the show some fans were eagerly waiting to take selfies,with the multi award winning model Ben Chest.

Ben didn’t see any reason in resisting to share the greatest moment with his fans.

Another co-guest of the show was Miss Plus Universe Zimbabwe,Dannie Claire.

Umceco the show is a live talk show which is a brainchild of Nkosi Nkomo the founder of the Hombyo fashion brand.

The show is currently the only talk show in Zimbabwe,which is hosted annual every month .

While this month the show will be hosted on the 30th of October at Vista.With Donna N ,radio and Television presenter being the guest .