Milan is well known as the capital city of fashion. And when it comes to
Milan Fashion Week,all fashion gurus from across the globe make sure that they attend the event.
As it is an opportunity for them to sale their brands to one another also Milan Fashion Week acts a podium for one to take note on who is who in the modelling industry.
Its rare to find an African model gracing the Milan fashion week as part of the Modelling team,however Zimbabwe’s award winning model Sakhile Dube made it to this year,Summer/Spring Milan Fashion Week.
In an interview with Model guide Mag,Sakhile tells us what it means being one of the few African models who took part in this year’s Milan fashion Week.

Q:Its not easy for any African model to take part at a fashion week in Europe,especially when it comes to Milan.How did you manage to become part of the models at Milan Fashion Week?
A:Well i was scouted and I got signed under one of the well known agencies in Milan(fashionmodelmanagement)which made it possible for me to be part of the Fashion Week.This happened through a friend I met on my first visit to Italy in 2018 who thought I would work well as a model in Italy which turned out so well.

Q:Besides catwalking at Milan what do you like about the city?
A:Coming from a difficult country like Zimbabwe I’d say I love the living conditions of Italy, so easy and well coordinated.its a beautiful city(Milan) and everyone is generous.

Q:What did you manage to gain from the fashion show,modelling wise?
A:I’ve gained a lot experience as a model and also I learnt a lot of strategies on how to go big as a model which surely going to use in the near future

Q:Whose designs did you catwalked for and what are your description of those designs?
A:I’ve worked with quite a number of big designers who had amazing catchy designs like Calcaterra, Erikacavallini,Casadei which is a big shoe brand in Italy and also worked with the famous Laduma(amaxhosa designer)and Sindiso Khumalo who both came from South Africa for the Fashion week .

Q:Among any African designers whom are you hoping to see exhibiting their collection designs and you being part of team models?
A:As I’ve already mentioned Laduma and Sindiso from Africa,I still feel there are more African designers whose work needs to be seen internationally for example in Zimbabwe we have designers like House of Stone,IVHU,and Gutu Tich,Tapfumanei Munenge,amongst will be a great deal if they could get these invites to the big Fashion shows.

Q:As Africa what do you believe should be done so that our fashion shows can meet,international runway shows like the Milan Fashion week?
A:All it takes is support from our own to go big.With the right support from the right people African shows could be up and running internationally

Q:Aside from this show which other International shows have you been part of and what makes this one unique?
A:I’ve done a few international pageants but I’m more of a runway model and I’ve just gone internationally this year hoping in the near future I’ll find myself in Paris,London and New York.

Q:Currently which other fashion runways are you planning to be part of?
A:I’ve been getting proposals to take part in their Fashion shows like Miss Model of the World in China which happens to be a pageant ,Zambezi Fashion week and Capetown Fashion week so I’m really considering on doing them.

Q:As we wrap up the interview do you mind to show me the beautiful city of Milan?
A:Yes why not .

Designers brands:
Calcateria,Erikacavallini,Casadei,Banka Intesa,Maisonproesa etc

Interviewed by Rubaya Tapiwa