After he was titled The Prince of Mr Africa International,it was only the start of his modelling journey into greater heights.

He was later ordained as Mr Gaborone in his own home country,Botswana.

Cavin Lari (CL),talked to Model guide Zim about his journey in the modelling industry especially about his experience during Mister Africa International. And how he is managing to change,the modelling industry in his country.

TR:Cavin Lari thank you for the opportunity to allow us to chitchat with you?

CL:Thank you very much its my pleasure to be given an opportunity like this to be interviewed by Model Guide Zim.

TR:You are the third Prince of Mister Africa International 2017.Take us back to that time what did it mean to you to be coronated as the Prince?

CL:For me being able to participate in that pageantry it meant a lot to me and my career as a model for me to actual begin in a solid platform.

Looking at Botswana is different when it comes to the modelling industry.

We don’t have such solid structures that support models or that can encourage or empower models to start a career here.

Actually there is no such a thing which can be described as ‘A Well established Modelling Industry’ in my country.

Hence getting an opportunity to participate in Nigeria,was a world to me .

When it came to be titled Mr Africa International Prince,I don’t know how to explain that moment however to me it was a life changing moment.

I knew from there that I was going to be recognised as someone contributing to the ‘modelling sector’ in Botswana.

I knew I was going to be somebody mentioned and its my chance to put impact that 5 years to come our industry would be the talk to the world.

TR:Did you do any training before you embarked on your journey before you contested for Mister Africa International title back then ?

CL:It was a 2 week premieniaraly** competition,you have to go to bootcamp and pass thrgh all the judging and discipline which is done during the bootcamp.

But I didn’t manage to attend the Bootcamp for I had a problem with VISA back home.

So I arrived in Lagos later,one day to the grand final.

I was under pressure although, I managed to condition myself mental.

I learnt all things within 24hrs.

TR:Besides being crowned the 3rd Prince you were awarded the Best Beach Body award during the event,were you expecting this to happen?

CL:As we were preparing for our formal wear during the pageantry,I heard the MC calling my name as

Mr Beach Body Africa.

I was surprised and everyone was, but I knew that I was fit as I was looking and working on my diet.

TR:You are currently Mr Gaborone what have you been doing in terms of projects working with your community?

CL:As Mr Gaborone as an individual I like entertainment especially modelling.

I thought of people usually do charity work,which is good. But I noticed we don’t have a well established modelling industry in Botswana,which we can talk about it.

I thought why don’t I start something that will groom models in my country even though we have challenges and the industry is neglected.

I started working with Celebrity World Magazine,we did a fashion show. For which I was coaching and mentoring at least 34 models. It was amazing and it was supported by Woolworth.

My team and I,we worked on a campaign with the same models against drug and alcohol abuse for which we did this even during International Youth Botswana Day.

Currently I am working on Mr,Miss Teen Tourism Botswana and also I am working with Mister Teen Africa.

Focusing in building models.

TR:With so much talents that you possess how do you balance your work?

CL:Thank you for recognising that,I am happy you released that I am a model,presenter and a musician . I also write and produce music, laslty I am a poet.

Or When I am doing another job or if I take a picture during my presenting.

I can use for the modelling industry,my work collaborate together.

TR:You are also a presenter at Club E can you tell us more about the show?

CL:Maru Tv is a a local Tv brand and it operates both local andintrnational on DSTV channel 291.

I work as a presenter and Host of Club E an entertainment and lifestyle which covers Botswana and out of the country. Entertainment wise.

The show is there to present that entertainment is not all about alcohol and us people getting away from our morals.

Club E is there to highlight that we attend Clubs,to socialise and also to engage with business people.

TR:Where is your modelling profession is heading to in years to come?

CL:Firstly God is the Maker and Master plan Of my life.

He knows were I am heading to and if I can put it in that dimension.God knows were I an heading to he sees what I want and what is worthy for me.

In estimation,the future is now.My modelling career will be at the highest Peak and I will be signed with the highest brand which I will make sure I will bring other models the brand.

Interviewed by Tapiwa Rubaya