Nigerian creative director of Nala Ekenumbo who is an award winning fast rising critically acclaimed Nigerian based fashion brand,released his latest men ready to wear underwear collection.Which has a mixture of collection of sectors of underwear these include:singlets,briefs,jockstraps,thongs and underpants.Nala said it was always part of his plan to create such a collection which will make a man to feel comfortable and to be proud of their skin.”I have always wanted to make men feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin wearing my brand,”he said.He further added,that the inspiration behind this collection is mainly about street,urban,sports and sexiness.He further said its important to have a proper underwear as it makes them feel comfortable and it describes who you are.”Like the popular saying goes,’your underwear says a lot about you’- undies are obviously indispensable in the life of humans (men on this context).”Dressing inner,makes you feel more comfortable and privately sexy when no one else is noticing. Underwears are probably one of the most memorable gifts from your partner to you on your lover’s day,”said Nala.Nala said his collection is not only focused on masculinity man only,as his designers are for everyone.”The collection is not focused on masculine man only,I make fashion pieces for everyone,regards of gender,tribe, religion,race or even nationality,he said.The collection has bright and dull colours to suit everyone. “Due to the nature of my recent collection, I primarily opted for bright and dull colors (suitable for any man) and elasticity (for auto fitting),”he informed.Recently the award winning fashion designer,showcased his new collection during the Nigerian Ultimate Fashion Show,his hoping to showcase his collection in other runways.

By Rubaya Tapiwa