As Anelisiwe Ndebele handed over her reigns as Miss Tourism Bulawayo to Natasha Carol Gora,few people were satisfied that Miss Natasha Carol Gora deserved to be the crown Queen.
As many took their grievances to social media platforms such as Facebook.
Some believed a foul play took part among the results,as they believed that tribalism was one of the main issues that contributed to the results.
With one source stated out using social media,that there is need for professional judges and a new brand in such events.
“Why don’t we use people from other regions because its actually useless to make a person who one calls ‘malume’ (uncle) judge.
“Miss Tourism Bulawayo judges panel has to be changed not that they don’t know their job but we need change. I personally think people should learn from what happened to the Ex president R.G Mugabe he had chances to retire with dignity but because of ignorance he was removed like a dog,” commented the anonymous.
The source further encouraged the winners to improve their communication skills,as they will be representing the Bulawayo region,national.
“The other thing please go to school at least go, learn communication skills because I didn’t understood how you won. Yet you can’t speak nor answer questions properly.
“We are hoping that by the time you go to Miss Tourism Zimbabwe you will be ready and all the best,”said the source.
While others suggested that the crowned Queen of Bulawayo’s tourism deserved the crown as her portfolio speaks for her.
As examples such as winning Miss Tourism Bulawayo 2018 Personality and being the model who will be representing Zimbabwe at Miss Tourism Global City next month shows that she is talented.
Time will tell if whether the city of Kings and Queens will all rally behind her as she fights for the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe crown.
During Miss Tourism Bulawayo Natasha walked away with $700 zw and other vouchers.

By Rubaya Tapiwa

Miss Tourism Bulawayo ceremony too part at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Bulawayo under the theme ,’Pageantry is Art’.