They call him ‘country boy’ while he describes himself as a farm boy because of his past up bringing. However Ishmael Isheunesu Murangandi (22), didn’t let his past environment let him down.

After passing away of his father at a tender age life was never easy for Murangandi and his mother.

But with the family support he managed to move from grass to grace.

Ishamael moved from working at a mine at the age of 20,to work as a cleaner at Simbisa brand a job occupation which he still posseses even today.

However as he is working as a cleaner at Simbisa brand,he got an opportunity to approach those who are prominent in the fashion and modelling industry.

Nonetheless due to his status background,as a cleaner he wasn’t given much opportunity opportunity to showcase his talent.

Until he founded a modelling agency which was more than a home to him .As it was going to make him a role model to upcoming models.

“Looking at the models in the industry already by that time and the modelling Agencies no one was capable of bringing out the real me expect for a woman who has 30 years experience,

Aunt Sarah!,I wanted the best for myself so I choose the best,”he said.

Murangandi was this this year crowned Mr I Am Africa Zimbabwe 2019.This happened after two months of his graduation from fingers modelling agency.

Ishmael said through his up bringing background it has made him to be proud about being an African.

“I am proud to be an African and with the vast knowledge of Africanism. I had gathered from my grandparents and farm life experiences, hence I was confident enough to join the pageant,”said Ishmael.

Currently Mr I Am Africa Zimbabwe is involved in various charity projects.

The first being the Thembiso Children’s home where he gave out food and cloths.

He is planning to visit the Jairos Jiri vocational and to revist Thembiso Children’s home

Ishmael encouraged other models who have been crowned or ordained as winners of a pageant to help those who are needy in their communities.As they are an inspiration to them and to stop seeking fame.

“In most cases models with crowns are an inspiration to the community and therefore they look up to them for help as they’re the people who are connected with organisations that can assist the needy in their communities.

“Nowadays models get crowns for fame!. For them it is about competition amongst themselves in terms of wardrobe,life style and titles. I would love to urge other models especially those with crowns to focus on the needy in their communities.

“I believe once they start helping the needy,God Himself will take care of your wardrobe and lifestyle better than themselves,”said Ishmael.

Mr I Am Africa is hoping to focus on his studies on film and Theatre and also to take part in future at Mr Zimbabwe and Mr Africa Zimbabwe pageants.

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ByRubaya Tapiwa